Thrive through Relocation with MOXIE

Are you in the process of moving and struggling to keep it together? Or recently moved and wish you felt settled in and at home?

I’ve been in your situation and desperately needed relocation support. While managing the many details and logistics of each move, I was overwhelmed. That to do list kept growing. And my emotions and the unknown road ahead were causing me sleepless nights and an abundance of stress. I wasn’t taking care of myself because I was prioritizing my family’s needs over my own, and couldn’t find the right support that I needed to get through the transition of moving.

I became a Relocation Coach because I couldn’t find the help I needed each time we moved.

Hi! I’m Marni. As a certified coach, I provide relocation support and guidance. Through one-on-one coaching, we work through your emotions and challenges together, and develop a personalized strategy so that you thrive through this transition, on your terms, with joy AND MOXIE and connect much more easily in your new community.


As Coach + Encourager, I also support and encourage midlife and empty nesting moms. If you’re looking for clarity and answers to the questions, “Who am I?” and “Where do I fit in?”, let’s connect and talk about where you are in your midlife journey. This initial call is always complimentary.

Helping you create your best HAPPY midlife while working through the challenges of empty nesting is my pleasure and top priority.  (Updates to website coming soon.)

The online course, Relocation Recovery. 

Melody Warnick, author of “This Is Where You Belong”, and I created this course because we passionately share this idea that relocation and learning to love where you live should be a lot easier and fun. Acquiring place attachment, the connection we have to the place where we live, is a crucial aspect of your relocation success.

I want to help you THRIVE through relocation much better than I did.

My family has relocated for my husband’s job. Our last move was fairly easy but my emotions, specifically grief, showed up 6 months post move. I was simultaneously excited to be in our new city and grieving the community and place we had left. At the same time when I was struggling, my friends had moved on and weren’t checking in as often. Not because they didn’t care but because they figured by this time I was settling in. I felt stuck and unsure of myself in a new culture.

Even though I was on board and happy to be in our new place, the recovery period was long and hard. And it didn’t matter that we had moved previously, that I’ve been moving since the age of 14, each relocation, my reaction, was unique and the last was the hardest.

As your Relocation Coach, my priority is YOU and making sure you embrace your relocation and THRIVE.

I understand where you are and how you feel. I’ve learned and know that relocation can and should be enjoyable and less stressful. Working with me will give you the ability to find the clarity needed to work through emotions and challenges and create a positive relocation experience. I’ll be there as your accountability partner in between sessions via text and email, too. We’re going to shorten the time it takes to get acclimated and feel at home in your new place and have fun in the process.

If you’re in the process of relocation, or already relocated, I’d love to hear more about you and your journey. For a complimentary session, visit my coaching page.

To the relocation professionals and realtors, my goal is to help your clients earlier in the process, which also helps you. Less stressed, happy clients will lead to smoother transactions and less indecisiveness.  Please read more here.

For more information regarding midlife and/or relocation support and services, please email me at,, or fill out the contact form.

Thrive Unscripted

THRIVE through midlife and relocation, on your own unscripted terms.