Thrive through Relocation

Are you in the process of relocation, or moved in the past year or so? Are you ready to thrive with ease and confidence?

Hi! I’m Marni, Relocation Coach. I support and guide people in the process of relocation; including people moving for their partner or spouse’s job. You manage the many details and logistics of your move, while also caring for the needs of your spouse and/or children. You’re stressed and overwhelmed, and not taking care of yourself.

Together we address your specific emotions and challenges, and develop a personalized strategy so that you thrive through relocation with a lot less stress, and connect much more easily to your new place. Addressing emotions throughout the move can reduce, or entirely remove, feelings of resentment and relocation depression. Acquiring place attachment, the connection we have to the place where we live, is also a crucial aspect of your relocation success.

As a Relocation Coach, I’m here to help you THRIVE through relocation.

We moved twice in less than 3 1/2 years for my husband’s job. I learned, and strongly believe, that relocation can and should be a lot less stressful and enjoyable. I love being able to support and help others create a positive relocation experience.

As your Relocation Coach, my priority is YOU; making sure you embrace relocation and THRIVE.

During my 2 most recent moves, my husband moved a few months ahead of us to start a new job, leaving me to take care of the back end of the move. I understand the unique challenges of relocating for a spouse’s job. It gives me joy (wild joy, actually) to also support Trailing Spouses and Partners, because I am also one. Trailing Partner or Spouse is a term commonly used for people relocating to another country. My clients relocate primarily in the United States.

If you are in the process of relocation, or have already relocated, I would love to hear more about you and your journey. Please connect via email:, or fill out the contact form.

Thrive Unscripted

THRIVE through relocation on your unscripted terms.

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