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Embrace and Enjoy Relocation

Relocation is exhausting, energy draining. I learned the hard way, after moving twice in less than 3 ½ years, that it is vital to my wellbeing to find ways to embrace and enjoy the process of moving.

Let’s play the Would You Rather game for a moment. Would you rather put move related tasks and ensuring that your family is acclimating well at the top of your priority list, at the risk of ignoring your own grief and anxiety, OR would you rather include your own emotional and self care needs on that list in order to create a much less stressful and enjoyable relocation?

When we moved the first time, my perspective regarding moving was good. It was very hard leaving our home of 11 years. I met my husband and we started our family there. We were settled and happy with our neighborhood and jobs, and the life we built around them. We were moving to a city much closer to family (1 ½ hours) for the first time, and in a neighborhood with friends around the corner. Putting more emphasis on the positive things about relocation allowed me to start connecting and embrace the move right away.

Our second move, 3 years 4 months later, took me almost 4 years to feel settled and at home. There were great things about this move, too. One big change was that we were moving further away from the heart of a city. I got really stuck on the part about living so far out. My other focus was not being ready to move again so quickly. Looking back, I prioritized the moving details and my family because that was more comfortable than admitting I was grieving and anxious, and then addressing my emotions.

In hindsight, especially now as a coach, I could have done a much better job with our last move and place attachment. I fully understand, after my own relocation experiences and discussing further with clients, both the difficulty and importance of addressing stress and fear, and taking care of our self while caring for the needs of others.

Focusing on the positive points about relocation, turning it into an adventure, if necessary, is a good first step to take.

Moving can happen too quickly in some cases. Regardless of timeframe, it is vital to take time out for ourselves, to work through emotions even when they are messy. Embracing relocation and creating a much less stressful, enjoyable experience involves taking care of yourself and developing strategies to address the challenges.

As a Relocation Coach, my priority is making sure clients embrace and enjoy their journey, starting wherever the need exists and for some, it’s throughout the whole process. If you or someone you know is in the process of relocation, I would love to connect and hear about it. My email is

Embrace and Enjoy,