MOXIE, Relocation and the Podcast

MOXIE. A word I’ve been using for years. When Jaime Wilkins of Sincerely Satisfied asked if I’d be interested in doing a podcast, I immediately responded with a yes. I responded before fear had a chance of setting in.

Moxie is a spirited courageousness.

Moxie pushes me into the unknown, accepting that things out of my control are simply going to unfold, and possibly unravel. It’s bravely stepping up in all of my discomfort and awkwardness because doing something new is also an opportunity for growth.

Moxie keeps you moving forward bravely and doing new things. 

Moxie is especially crucial during relocation. In order to get acclimated, feel at home faster and attach yourself to your new place, moxie will push you to try new things. And take on new responsibilities simply because you don’t have a good reason to say no yet. Besides, feeling fear and awkward really aren’t good reasons to say no or hold back.

And the more you push through the discomfort and put yourself out there, the less awkward being new feels.

Encouraging people to say yes and step into the unpredictable, unscripted unknown of being new in a new place is what I do. So, in this podcast I lean in, acknowledge how awkward I feel and just kept going. Jaime and I talk about how saying yes and doing new things relate to relocation in this podcast, as well as authenticity, vulnerability and gratitude. (& off the record, I was happy to discover that Jaime has superb editing skills.)

So, pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and listen to the podcast, here. We talk about RELOCATION MOXIE, mindset, gratitude and authenticity; inspire you to go first and say yes, whether you feel awkward or comfortable being new and more. Enjoy!   

Jaime and Sincerely Satisfied can be found here. And my instagram has changed since doing the podcast: marni_thriveunscripted

Relocation Podcast Marni Cummings