Tips for Thriving at Home

* whether you just moved or not.

My ideas and suggestions for thriving at home are below and will hopefully help pull you through this unprecedented period, whether you’re in the process of relocation or not. Admittedly, I’m leaning towards overly cautious. Age and asthma have done that to me. So far, all is good. I’m trying not to stress over what I can’t control, and just do the best I can to keep my family healthy.    

And if you’re moving right now, in the spring of 2020, in the midst of Covid-19, sending you my very best wishes for a safe and healthy move. 

My favorite 3 “lean in and do” morning activities include mediation, journaling and exercise

For meditation, I use an app called Insight Timer and meditate for 3 to 20 minutes daily, depending on how I feel. This app has a huge variety of courses, preset timer options and guided meditations.

Journaling each morning is crucial for me. My practice includes free flow writing, random thoughts, organizing what needs to get done, addressing emotions and challenges for myself and my family and gratitude. Gratitude is big. I either write it into my journal entry or in a list in the back of my journal. When it comes to journaling, I go with the flow based on the time of year and how I’m feeling each morning. 

If you’re not sure where to start, Relocation Recovery is a roadmap and only $15 right now. It also goes into the importance of routine, addressing your emotions and lots more. 

Get outside. Even if for a few minutes several times a day, please get fresh air. Spend a few minutes with your eyes closed, take deep breaths, and think about what makes you happy. If you need sunshine and there isn’t any, imagine it; imagine the beach or lake and the sounds. Walk, bike or run. And if you’re new to an area, walking is a great way to start feeling attached to your new place as you explore what’s around.   

Back inside, read a book or watch a new show or movie. And re-read and re-watch your favorites! Please take breaks from the news and social media. It’s good to be informed right now. You also have control over how much to take in. What’s right for you looks different than what’s right for somebody else. My husband, for example, has the news on in the background all day while he works and that works for him. I can only handle it once or twice per day. 

One house project that doesn’t require a trip to your local hardware store is decluttering. Organizations such as goodwill are taking extra precautions, changing guidelines and hours so please look online before dropping off donations. Decluttering is a solid thriving at home activity that I do regularly.

Creatively, what makes you happy? What are you willing to try regardless of your talents? Not looking for perfection here, just a way to release some stress and let your mind wander. There are online classes on Coursera and Udemy, to name a few, and YouTube has just about anything you’re looking for and more. When was the last time you doodled for fun, wrote words in block letters and made a collage? Over the years I have tried writing, drawing and painting for fun. Focus on fun and just go do it.  

Last and most importantly, stay connected with your people. Phone and texting are great. I also recommend some sort of video connection. Google hangout, Skype and Zoom to name a few. My husband and I had happy hour this weekend with old neighbors from Atlanta on Friday evening and then family game night with my husband’s high school friends from Kansas City on Saturday night. It felt slightly more social than some of our regular weekends! We also “saw” a record number of friends in one weekend.

If you’re new to an area, start connecting with neighbors online. Neighborhood and local groups may be found on Facebook or NextDoor. is a great place to find people with similar interests, too. 

Embrace and Enjoy

The general idea for thriving at home is to embrace staying at home and enjoy, by doing what makes you happy along the way. One step, one day at a time. If you want or have more suggestions or want to connect for a one-on-one, send me an email: Let me know where you are and what’s going on with you. For special offers and inspiration, sign up for email, too. Connection is crucial right now.   

Photo Idea | Staying at Home

I added a little something special to a stay at home celebration that was so simple. And whether you have something to celebrate or not, this is something you could do while you stay at home, shelter in place. IF, of course, you haven’t gone completely digital with photos.

It was my hub’s 50thbirthday last week. In a moment of “what else can I do”, our son and I pulled photos that focused on our birthday guy from a box. This box is filled with random photos that have never made the cut into an album. 

Some of the photos go back to the days when I used film, before learning to crop. Before filters and photo editing. Small moments captured with messy piles in the background. Our exhaustion captured. 

E and I also created a few notes and cards to include. We spread it all out on the table in the dining room, which is in an open space that we pass by multiple times daily. Over the past few days, we’ve sat and reminisced. And paused randomly while walking by, while we stay at home.

Being at home and trying to keep it together, not always successfully, is a challenge right now. This meaningful and visual display brought us together to reflect and connect, without the pressure of a proper verbal response at times. 

If you also have a pile of loose photos, here are some ideas to get you started: 

Find a surface to spread photos out. Overlap the photos, if necessary. Or place them in a bowl or basket of some sort and sit on the couch together while looking. 

Swap out the photos over the next few weeks. 

Add inspirational notes and favorite quotes. 

Give each family member a chance to choose photos and create notes. 

If you don’t have lose photos, pull out 2 or 3 photo albums or scrap books out at a time. Mix up the time periods rather than going chronologically. This can open up some interesting conversations comparing different timeframes.

I changed up the photos today. Hoping to laugh more, have fun and simply enjoy. 

To see the photo, find me on Instagram @marni_thriveunscripted.