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Hi! Angie moved the Pinterest course over to another platform, so the below links don’t work. If you’re still interested (read the below original post), please email me at Happy to help you out!

~ Marni 


Have you considered using Pinterest and not sure where to start? 

Or are you using Pinterest and not gaining the momentum you’d like?

A few months ago, I took the advice of several colleagues and signed up for Angie Gensler’s Pinterest Marketing Pro bundle. In this bundle are 2 very in-depth courses, the Pinterest Marketing 101 and Pinterest Traffic Trifecta. 

Since completing the 1stcourse, Pinterest Marketing 101, and creating my business account, my monthly views have increased steadily to over 80,000 during the peak relocation season. Click throughs and engagement has increased. More importantly, email subscribers are growing and the course is selling at a faster rate than from Facebook and Instagram. 

There are over 40 videos in this self-paced course. They begin with how to step-by-step use Pinterest, create viral pins and write great descriptions. The courses also cover research and proper keyword usage. Spreadsheets to track analytics, swipe files, e-books and templates are included. Also software recommendations, a $30 credit to Tailwind, a closed Facebook group with support and answers to your questions and so much more. 

The thing I love most 

Pinterest is more search engine than social media platform, which I love.  Users come to Pinterest to search for specific needs, ideas, inspiration, DIY projects and more. Once they find what they’re looking for, the pins are saved onto boards and in the process, shared in the feeds of their followers. The ability to join group boards and tailwind tribes to further share and promote pins are also huge benefits. Angie explains all of this.     

If you’re concerned that your business is too local for Pinterest, use your location as a keyword in pins and on boards. Make sure that you’ve clearly stated where you’re located on your website and in blog posts, too.

My Pinterest account is still and will probably always be a work in progress, as I continue to learn and test (again, all explained in the course). I’m so happy with the results and the help I continue to receive. I’ve signed on to be an affiliate* simply because this course has made such a big difference in the success of my business and I’d like to spread the word to help other businesses succeed, too, under Angie’s guidance. 

At the very least, I recommend signing up for the Pinterest Marketing 101 course. This course is jam packed with vital information to create a successful campaign that will drive traffic back to your site. And one final reason to sign up today:  There are 291 million monthly users reported in the first quarter of 2019, according to

So, for more information or if you’re ready to sign up, click here

*As an affiliate:

I earn a commission if you choose to make a purchase using the affiliate link above. The price you pay will not increase when you purchase through my link. I’m an affiliate simply because Angie Gensler’s Pinterest Marketing Pro bundle helped my business tremendously. If you take the course and are willing to do the recommended work, I believe that Angie Gensler’s Pinterest and related courses will help your business as well. Please keep in mind the responsibility of researching and deciding which course(s) are for you and your business is yours.