Things Clients Write

I am so grateful to Marni! She has helped me with my relocation from NJ to Northern California. I was concerned because in addition to the cross-country move, I was a brand-new empty-nester.  We addressed my concerns and within a few short months I was able to begin to establish myself in my new surroundings. A few months after that I can honestly say that this is my home. I love the area and have made some really great new friends.

Anne S.


My husband got a job offer in another state and we decided that I would remain in our home with our 17 yr old son so that he could finish high school without the disruption of a move. I contacted Marni about a month after my husband left. I was concerned that being “left behind” would not only affect our relationship, but that I might come to resent my husband because I would be doing the bulk of the moving/selling, etc. Thankfully I had a year to go thru the process. Marni jumped right in and her guidance was invaluable. She was there for me in-between our coaching sessions as well, to encourage and support me. As a result, I never felt “left behind”, it was more like a unique journey of discovery. I will always cherish that year that I learned so much about myself and strengthened my relationships, not only with my husband but also with my son.

Sarah B.


Two years ago my husband got a new job in a different state. We moved, it was hard…really hard. A year and a half later it happened again! My husband has moved to a new state and I’m in our “old” home, with a new job of my own 1,000 miles away from him. I had learned about Marni from a dear friend and decided I really needed some help managing this situation. Best. Decision. Ever. Marni is helping me to process the decision my husband and I made to live in separate states for the time being. I have a better attitude about it and am even excited about some of the plans Marni and I have discussed. She really understands the emotions I am processing and is available in between our meetings to check in on my status. Thank you Marni, I’m sure I would not be handling this very well alone.

Christine C.


This past relocation was very hard, despite the fact that it was our third. I found Marni after living here for a full year after relocating. When talking to her, I really felt heard and comfortable. She shares her own experiences occasionally in a relatable way that made me feel like she really understood what I was going through. Marni helped me work through some preconceived ideas I had about myself and encouraged me to take smaller steps this time connecting to new people. She encouraged me to slow down and connect first to myself. That approach made a huge difference in making new friends, again.

Leslie P.


Being a full-time mom was a decision that I have never regretted, however, re-entering the job market at 50 (something) years old, after 17 years is tough. Add to that a new home in a new, strange city. Marni has helped me not only engage with my new surroundings, but she has guided me towards a career that I never would have thought was possible. She is that encouraging voice that you need, just when you need it. I am indebted to her for all the guidance and gentle pushes she knew would spark my forward movement. Reflection is not always easy, but knowing Marni was there made a huge difference.

Leigh G.


Marni worked with me for several weeks to focus on what I really wanted to feel and experience in my career. I honestly had never considered my goal feelings when at work.  I found it adventurous and refreshing to dream up my ideal emotional response to this everyday activity.  Even six years after a relocation to North Carolina, I find it challenging to feel rooted at all times.  I found naming my desired outcome empowering.  Thank you, Marni!

Laurie B.