Midlife & Relocation Coaching

Are you in the midst of a midlife transition, trying to discover newfound purpose, who you are and where you fit in to this new chapter?
Are you struggling to embrace moving and thrive?

Whether you’re living in a new place, or entering a new place in life, thriving through change and chaos is crucial. And it becomes a much longer process when trying to figure out how on your own.

Coaching begins wherever you need support the most. And if you’re not sure exactly what you need, that’s a good place to start, too. We work to address your emotions and challenges so that you feel more like yourself, with more joy and less stress, faster.

Coaching topics include (and not limited to): 

  • Reclaiming confidence and purpose.
  • Discovering who you are and where you fit in.
  • Gaining the ability to make decisions quickly, confidently and with certainty.
  • Developing a positive mindset and coping strategies.
  • Defining what’s most important so you can focus your time and energy.
  • Getting unstuck and discovering what’s next.
  • Staying on track with to do lists and accountability.
  • Self-care and the importance of making yourself a priority.
  • Re-establishing and implementing new routines.
  • What lies ahead and what to expect.
  • Helping your family through this transition.
  • Shifts in responsibilities and roles.
  • Meeting new people and establishing friendships.
  • Place attachment and growing roots.
  • AND whatever you need the most help with.

Connecting to yourself and place is crucial to any transition.

Place refers to either your place, or chapter, in life or place where you live. The time it takes to connect well and feel at ease, like your authentic self, is different for everyone.

Where do we begin?

We always begin with a free 30-minute call to discuss your needs and challenges. This call is also to make sure client and coach are a good fit. I’ll listen and ask questions, and answer any questions you have. After our call, I’ll email a customized coaching package to you.

Coaching sessions and packages reflect each individual’s needs and unscripted journey. Each session is one-on-one, client and coach, for 30 to 45 minutes.

After working with me, you’ll have renewed direction and purpose. You’ll know what you want and be able to successfully and confidently make choices that best support you.


1 – 3 sessions:             $125. each session.

4 – 8 sessions:            $ 99. each session.

9 – 12 sessions:          $ 89. each session.

Sign up for your free call!

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