Are you ready to embrace relocation and thrive?

Making sure you thrive is my priority and passion. We’ll work together to address your emotions and challenges so that you experience more joy and a lot less stress.

The coaching process begins wherever you need support, before or after the move. And if you’re not sure exactly what you need, that’s a good place to start, too.

Coaching will help you successfully: 

  • reduce stress
  • address emotions to avoid resentment and relocation depression
  • stay on top of the details and logistics, your to do lists
  • have less fear of the unknown
  • maintain a positive mindset and coping strategies
  • make friends and find your people
  • help your spouse and kids through their challenges
  • feel acclimated in your new home and city faster
  • get involved more easily after the move
  • thrive and relocate with a lot less stress, so that you, 
  • most importantly, connect much more easily in your new place.

Connecting well to your new community, people and place is crucial to this transition. The time it takes to connect and feel at home is different for everyone.

Whether relocation is happening now, soon or a year or so ago, I will provide you with the skills and tools needed to feel acclimated and connect faster in your new community.

Together we’ll create a package that is right for you.

Coaching: Sessions are one-on-one, client and coach and 30 to 45 minutes long.

Before-You-Move topics typically include:

  • Staying on track with to do lists and accountability
  • Breaking the news to family and friends
  • Self-care and making yourself a priority
  • Embracing and working through emotions
  • Coping strategies
  • Helping family through this transition
  • Getting closure: saying good bye to people and places
  • What lies ahead and what to expect

After-You-Move topics can include:

  • Coaching around the online course, Relocation Recovery
  • Unpacking, tasks and accountability
  • Self-care and the importance of taking time out for yourself
  • Coping strategies
  • Embracing and working through emotions to avoid relocation depression
  • Helping your family settle in
  • Adjusting to new home and re-establishing and implementing new routines
  • Shifts in responsibilities and roles as you and your spouse navigate this transition
  • Feelings of loneliness and missing family and/or friends
  • Rediscovering your passions
  • Meeting new people and establishing friendships
  • Getting involved in a new community
  • Place attachment and growing roots

Relocation Recovery Course + Coaching: Are you a student in our course or interested in taking Relocation Recovery? Let’s personalize coaching around your course progress. Click here to enroll in our course and fill out the contact form below to let me know you’re interested.

Where do we begin?  

We always begin with a 30-minute complimentary session over the phone to discuss your needs, challenges, schedule and the coaching process. This call is also to make sure that client and coach are a good fit. Based on our conversation and your timeframe, I’ll email you a customized coaching package after our call.


  • 4 sessions:       $399.
  • 6 sessions:       $569.
  • 8 sessions:       $719.

Either email me at or fill out the contact form below, and let’s get started! Please include your availability in the message.