Hello Realtors and Relocation Professionals

Relocating to a new city is hard, and the experience is vastly different for everyone. In surveys, people rank relocation as more stressful than getting divorced, starting a new job, or planning a wedding. As realtors and relocation professionals, you know firsthand how emotional relocation can be for some. The thing is the anxiety, loneliness, doubt, disorientation, and emotional overload that your clients and employees are feeling is normal.

Working with relocation clients can be tough at times. My own relocation experiences could have been a lot better, smoother. What I needed was a resource that would help me proactively take steps to embrace my emotions and look forward. I would’ve been less ambivalent, more in control and focused. 

Relocation Recovery

Melody Warnick, author of This is Where You Belong: Finding Home Wherever You Are, and I have moved multiple times for our spouse’s jobs. We found that there aren’t a lot of resources available. Combining our backgrounds and expertise, we launched Relocation Recovery, a self-paced course designed to help people through post-relocation.

Melody and I combined research, client feedback and experience to make this course condense and affordable so that people will be able to work through Relocation Recovery in the midst of the post-move chaos. 

Taking this course is a proactive way for people to feel more in control of the relocation process and overall content. Your clients will gain tools to process negative emotions (grief, stress, fear) and start feeling how they want to feel (joyful, calm, a sense of thriving, connected). 

This course is a great gift for clients, also. Several students signed up or were given Relocation Recovery before their move and reported that their stress level went down when they started to address their emotions early.

Buying Relocation Recovery is super easy with 2 options: 

  1. Sign up here using their email address and create a password. Then follow up with the link to the course. 
  2. If you’re interested in purchasing 5 or more, contact me for a discounted rate and I’ll set it up for you. 

The more at home people feel by taking Relocation Recovery, the better they will be able to focus on their new role at work and/or support their family through the process and get acclimated faster in your community. And of course, happily send referrals your way and give fantastic reviews.  


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And finally 

My priority is making relocation much better for people moving and also for YOU. My fabulous Aunt Penny was a realtor. I’ve gained a huge appreciation (and fondness) for you all. You do so much for your clients, including making yourself available practically 24/7. And I know how stressful it can be on all sides.

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