About Marni | Midlife + Relocation Coach

Marni Cummings

Hello & Welcome!

I’m Marni.

Ten years ago, after our last and hardest move, I desperately needed a shift in perspective. I began practicing gratitude, mindfulness and looking for the good in people and situations. This journey towards my own self-improvement, combined with my top 2 CliftonStrengths: relator and empathy, are what started nudging me towards becoming a Life Coach.

In 2016, I became a certified coach through Coach Training Alliance. Because I’ve moved a lot, I wanted to support people through relocation and life transitions. And help them avoid mistakes I made.

This past year, my husband and I became empty nesters. I felt grief and loneliness off and on the first few weeks. After working through my emotions, I surprised myself and felt like a happy empty nester much sooner than expected.

Passionate about coffee, my continuously evolving morning ritual and finding the best in people. I’m the person who friends, and their 18 yo and older children, come to when they just need unbiased support and someone to listen.

Coaching, for me, is like helping a friend bring out their best self so that they discover new things, rediscover who they are and get through challenges with less stress and more joy. So, when we work together, I’ll be with you every step of the way.

And when we’re done, you’ll feel purposeful and empowered, acclimated and at home.


As a Life Coach + Encourager, I provide a mix of support, guidance and accountability. We’ll work one-on-one and develop a personalized strategy so that you make decisions with purpose and intention, and feel like yourself again, faster.

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Things that give me wild joy are food, craft beer and art. Supporting local, artist markets and bookstores, and anything written by Emily Henry, Elin Hilderbrand, Kristy Woodson Harvey and Taylor Jenkins Reid. I’m also an enthusiast for travel, especially road trips to the beach.