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Marni Cummings

Hello & Welcome!

Whether this is your first relocation or third, you’re stressed and overwhelmed. Either you or your spouse started a new job and extra attention and support are needed. If you have children, they are experiencing a variety of emotions, including anxiety, grief and loneliness, sometimes all at once, and you’re there every step of the way for them. While you’re taking care of the details and logistics of this move, your already large “to do” list is multiplying. The last thing you have time for is your own stuff. You suck it up, put your own stress aside, smile, kinda, and keep moving forward. You’ll get to you later, hopefully before it all turns into resentment.

Relocation really can be much less stressful and enjoyable. You can positively thrive through your move. As your Relocation Coach, I’m here to support YOU through this adventure. Yes, I did say adventure. Moving is an adventure! There’s an opportunity to explore and live in a new place, meet new people and create new experiences and memories.

My Relocation Expertise.

Firsthand Experience: My family relocated twice in less than 3 ½ years, due to my spouse’s job. Both relocations were unplanned, with the unintentional consequence that I became derailed from my career. Both relocations were messy, filled with different levels of anger, grief, and periods of loneliness. However, I slowly learned that I thrive and transition much more easily when paying attention to and taking care of my own emotions, and creating an action plan to get through the bigger challenges. Side note: I’ve been moving since the age of 14, which was not a fun age to move.

Coaching Certification: My own relocation experiences led me on a wild ride that provided growth, clarity and eventually, coaching certification. I entered the coaching program at Coach Training Alliance and became certified in 2016 so that I could truly be of service to people, like you and me, who need support and guidance during the process of relocation. Moving, regardless of whether it’s your first or third or even the distance, can be a significant life transition filled with challenges and new beginnings.

Coaching Curriculum: I’ve created relocation curriculum, however, sessions and packages are customized to reflect each client’s needs and unscripted journey. Working with clients has taught me that it’s better for you when personalized packages are created. Everyone’s relocation situation, timeframe and response to moving are different.

Working with me.

Before each session, a prep form is filled out so that our time together is focused on your agenda. Sessions are 30 to 60 minutes each depending on your preference and style, and in that time, we create a plan together that is the right mix of comfort and challenging for you.

Working with me means that we are going to turn your relocation into a positive experience, an adventure. Are you ready to THRIVE through relocation on your own unscripted terms? Visit my coaching services page.

A little bit more about me.

I live north of Charlotte, North Carolina with my beer brewing husband and soccer playing son.  On my short list of things that give me wild joy are the beach, traveling, coffee and dark chocolate sea salt. Reading anything by Taylor Jenkins Reid currently ranks high on that list, too. I’m also a warrior for equality and kindness.

Marni Relocation Coach